The business team responds to the needs of company directors by securing and optimising how their business and the real estate assets linked to it are held, restructured or sold from both a civil law and tax perspective.

C&C Notaires supports its business clients in two complementary areas, giving directors access to the best advisers in each of its primary areas of expertise: governance and corporate real estate.

Its business teams work hand-in-hand with a network of recognised experts (bankers, family officers, lawyers, chartered accountants, etc.) in France and abroad, to ensure directors make the best strategic choices and choose the most effective solutions, based on their objectives.

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Corporate real estate

Purchase and finance

C&C Notaires supports directors with their real estate purchases for both operational and investment purposes. Thanks to its detailed understanding of the market and key players in the sector, the firm is well equipped to offer advice on every stage of the investment process, from establishing the purchase strategy to implementing it in practice. Its services include negotiating and formalising offers to purchase. The corporate real estate team is involved in analysing both the legal, tax and administrative aspects of real estate assets and the cash flows they generate. It also provides its expertise in identifying ways of financing real estate acquisitions and in negotiating and analysing financing terms and the guarantees offered.

Structure and manage

C&C Notaires supports its clients in determining the most appropriate investment vehicle from both a legal and tax perspective, and helps set it up. The firm produces simulations to help its clients understand as clearly as possible the tax constraints associated with the investment, and works with directors to determine where the new asset will sit within the group and their personal wealth.


C&C Notaires can offer regular updates of the documentation relating to the asset or can reconstitute it in accordance with increasingly stringent statutory obligations and requirements, to help improve its accessibility and liquidity on the market and prepare to mobilise it to support the business at any time. The firm takes care of any legal, tax or technical changes to the asset that may be required to sustain or increase the income it generates, or its cash value. It works alongside directors to analyse refinancing or disposal opportunities, sets up the data rooms required for marketing purposes, handles any invitations to tender and naturally deals with any operational constraints associated with the sale.

Governance & Business Transfers

C&C Notaires supports directors in deciding on the best strategy for holding their personal and business assets and offers a range of solutions to provide protection for their family and interests while maintaining the business.


The firm helps directors to anticipate the effects of disability, divorce or premature death and protect both their family and the business from a civil law and tax perspective.


C&C Notaires supports directors in organising their long-term governance strategy, particularly from the perspective of gradually transferring the business to their family and its senior managers.


The firm works with directors to ensure the long-term viability of the business and hand the key values underpinning its development and future success to the next generation.


C&C Notaires supports directors in determining the best ways of passing on the business, free of charge or for consideration, under optimal, secure legal and tax conditions. The firm is closely involved in determining the management strategy for the sale price of the business.