Private Real Estate

Drawing on its expertise in private real estate, C&C Notaires works alongside prestigious clients to provide the highest quality of legal, financial and tax advice throughout the acquisition or sale of property assets.

Thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the market, C&C Notaires can guide its clients through today’s legal complexities, ensuring that all steps are taken in an efficient and secure manner.

The teams are committed to communicating regularly and transparently with their clients throughout the process, providing them with all the information they need to ensure that the planned transaction is the right one for them.

C&C Notaires attaches great importance to confidentiality and discretion.

Our areas of expertise include

The firm carries out a meticulous analysis of the documents gathered in order to provide its clients with all the information they need to make an informed decision: the key to a successful transaction.

C&C Notaires provides guidance on the best way to structure the project, to meet the client’s goals and secure the investment. The office can set up any type of company for this purpose.

A patrimonial assessment can be carried out in the context of real estate projects to provide the best possible protection for investors and their families.

C&C Notaires also assists its private clients with sales, providing guidance on reinvesting the sale price.

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