Institutional Real Estate

C&C Notaires has become one of the leading notarial offices in the field of institutional real estate, through the dedication of its partners and their teams, who are renowned for their responsiveness, rigour, know-how and efficiency in managing cases. Its expertise and positioning enable C&C Notaires to advise and support a clientele of French and international investors and institutions.

C&C Notaires is involved in various acquisition, disposal and financing transactions involving all types of assets, real estate portfolios or shares in real estate companies. A dedicated team, led by a partner and made up of notaries and associates specialising in the management of each stage of the transaction, assists its clients with each of their projects.

The team dedicated to Institutional Real Estate works daily with a varied clientele: institutional investors, investment funds, private investors, REITs, etc.

Our areas of expertise include

C&C advises its clients on the real estate and tax aspects of their projects.

The team strives to find optimal legal solutions to minimise risks and costs while maximising benefits for high value-added transactions.


C&C Notaires establishes data-rooms for real estate transactions. The teams help their clients gather and organise all the relevant information (legal and technical) about an asset or portfolio to be sold or acquired in a secure online data-room. They ensure that the data is reliable, accurate and accessible to all stakeholders involved in the transaction.

C&C Notaires helps its clients to assess the risks and opportunities associated with the acquisition or disposal of real estate assets or portfolios. The Institutional Real Estate team closely examines all legal, tax and operational aspects. They provide an in-depth analysis of possible scenarios and offer an informed perspective with a strategic vision.

C&C Notaires assists its clients in drafting and negotiating all the legal documents required for a transaction: sale agreements, commercial leases, financing agreements, construction contracts, etc. It ensures that all administrative documents are accurate and comply with current regulations.

The Institutional Real Estate team guides its clients towards the best financing options for their real estate projects. It helps its clients negotiate the most advantageous terms and conditions with banking institutions.

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