Corporate Real Estate

C&C Notaires’ Corporate Real Estate department is divided into three specialised branches:

  • Assisting company CEOs and their families with the acquisition, management and structuring of their operating or investment assets. We also act as notaries for private banks to formalise property loans.
  • Assisting private real estate companies and property dealers in implementing their investment or arbitration strategies.
  • Assisting investment funds, asset managers and club-deals with larger-scale investments on behalf of third parties.

Whether for the acquisition of an investment property, the management of professional real estate assets or larger-scale investments C&C Notaires draws on its expertise, responsiveness and commitment to provide a quality service tailored to specific needs.

Our areas of expertise include

C&C Notaires assists CEOs with their real estate acquisitions, whether for operating or investment purposes. Thanks to its knowledge of the market and its players, C&C Notaires is involved at every stage of the investment process, from the establishment of the acquisition strategy to its implementation. C&C Notaires is also involved in negotiating and formalising purchase offers.

The Corporate Real Estate team helps analyse the legal, tax and administrative characteristics of real estate assets, as well as the cash flows they generate. The team also lends its expertise to the search for ways to finance real estate acquisitions, or to the negotiation and review of financing terms and conditions and proposed guarantees.

C&C Notaires is involved in determining the most appropriate investment vehicle, from both a legal and tax point of view, and in setting it up. C&C Notaires runs simulations to provide the best understanding of the tax constraints on the investment and, together with company executives, establishes the positioning of this new asset within their group and their personal assets.

C&C Notaires regularly updates all documentation relating to an asset, or reconstructs it in accordance with legal obligations and constraints, thereby improving its legibility and liquidity on the market, and enabling it to be used at any time for business purposes. It ensures the legal, tax and technical transformations that the asset may have to undergo in order to perpetuate or increase generated cash flows. Working alongside company executives, it analyses refinancing or disposal opportunities, sets up data-rooms required for marketing and any invitations to tender, and manages the operational constraints of the sale.

C&C Notaires works with private banks to implement their financing, take out the required guarantees and ensure the legal security of the transaction.

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