Business Governance & Transmissions

C&C Notaires assists company executives in determining the best strategy for holding their private and professional assets. The office provides them with tailor-made solutions to best protect their relatives and their interests while safeguarding their business.

On the strength of its recognised expertise in business transmissions, C&C Notaires has developed a high added-value offering in the field of family business governance: determining and perpetuating the company’s values internally and externally, identifying buyers, assistance in modelling internal processes and a profit-sharing plan for key employees, overhauling corporate and family governance, managing liquidity, structuring family and shareholder agreements, etc.

The strength of its network enables C&C Notaires to provide company executives with multi-disciplinary assistance alongside the best players on the market (private bankers, chartered accountants, wealth engineers, family offices, lawyers, certified coaches, etc.), guaranteeing comprehensive, tried-and-tested guidance.

Our areas of expertise include

C&C Notaires assists company executives in anticipating the consequences of incapacity, divorce or premature death, in order to provide civil and tax protection for their relatives and the company. In this context, C&C Notaires is particularly involved in securing the active nature of holding companies.

C&C Notaires provides executives with support in organising their governance strategy for family businesses, particularly with a view to the gradual transmission of the business to their relatives and senior managers. C&C Notaires models a corporate and family governance strategy, organises the retention of key company employees, assists with the preparation of family and shareholders’ agreements and the reorganisation of governance bodies, etc.

C&C Notaires works with executives to ensure that the company’s history and key values, which underpin its development and influence, are preserved and passed on to future generations and teams.

C&C Notaires assists executives in determining the best conditions for the transmission of their business, whether free of charge or against payment, within a secure and optimised civil and tax framework. C&C Notaires is also attentive to determining a strategy for managing the sale price of the business.

C&C Notaires also assists companies with their philanthropic projects (defining strategies, choosing the best tools, implementing and monitoring the project).

C&C Notaires also assists executives when bringing in investors in order to model and implement pre-sale donations.

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