Understanding innovation.
Stimulating creativity.
Tailor-made thinking.

At C&C Notaires, our commitment to excellence unites all of our staff through the development of a common method combining multi-disciplinary teams, openness to the world and integration of new digital tools and processes. Our shared goal is to provide you with the very best counsel, whenever you need it, wherever you are.

Our values


Our guidance is tailored to your needs and the environment in which you operate on a daily basis. The protection of information exchanged is our priority. To guarantee the protection of your data, we handle cases with the utmost meticulousness and a constant concern for quality, generating a relationship of trust with our clients.


Our strength lies in our extensive network of eclectic, high-quality partners. We are in regular contact with our partners – bankers, lawyers, brokers, advisers, etc. The result of the comparison between our notarial expertise and their specialities is concrete, comprehensive, and strategic action plans tailored to your specific circumstances.


Thanks to our entrepreneurial spirit, we are always one step ahead of our environment. With a proactive approach, our team is constantly adapting to changes in the market and providing innovative services capable of maintaining the relationship of trust that binds us to our clients, while conquering untapped markets.

Our key founding stages


Pierre Cenac and Bruno Casteran, long-time friends, establish the office


Laurent Hosana joins C&C as Partner


9 partners now involved in building a genuine notarial business!


74 associates carry the office a step further every day

Much more than a notarial office, we are a genuine notarial business

We build up our presence in high-end markets which are not usually dealt with by notaries, thanks to the efficiency of our team, which is constantly being strengthened by the best profiles on the market. Internally, we advocate forms of management in which employees play an active role in their own development and are free to shape the working environment in which they can flourish and reveal the full extent of their potential. We are fully and genuinely committed to the well-being of our teams and to satisfying our clients’ ambitions.

C&C Notaires is committed to the fight against cancer and to protecting the environment

We can’t imagine carrying out our duties without taking current social and ecological issues into consideration. Ethical and responsible towards our clients, we also wish to play our part in defending the causes that are dear to us.

“Curing childhood cancer in the 21st century”

We support the fight against childhood cancer through significant donations to a number of institutions, in particular the “Guérir le cancer de l’enfant au 21ème siècle” (Curing childhood cancer in the 21st century) programme at the Gustave Roussy & Aline Institute. We also hold sports competitions between members of our staff to help promote the development of emerging associations, such as “Aline en lutte contre la leucémie” (Aline in the fight against leukaemia).


A few years ago, we launched our #AllEnvironmentallyResponsible approach based on energy, waste and paper. Through the promotion and use of simple eco-actions, we encourage a significant reduction in the office’s ecological footprint, made possible by strong partnerships and, above all, the involvement of our teams in every action we take.