Real Estate Development/ Construction

C&C Notaires advises developers, urban planners and clients on their development projects in various real estate sectors: offices, businesses, logistics, shopping centres, managed residences (senior citizens, students, colivings, etc.), hotels and housing.

Within this framework, C&C Notaires has structured the team to support its clients at every stage of the process, providing tailor-made guidance and ensuring that projects are legally secure and compliant, particularly regarding:

acquiring land, structuring operations and setting up the legal organisation in partnership with other consultants, drafting all the contracts relating to the construction operation and marketing the projects.

This specific expertise involves analysing urban planning constraints, environmental issues and mastering the entire process to anticipate, from the moment of acquisition, the issues that may arise on resale.

C&C Notaires’ commitment to Real Estate Development and Construction is reflected in its desire to provide a diligent, tailor-made service that pragmatically protects its clients’ interests, and by setting up dedicated teams of specialist legal experts.

Our areas of expertise include

In order to secure a land acquisition, our teams analyse the seller’s ownership rights, check the planning regulations applicable to the plot and whether these regulations are in line with the planned project, and ensure that there are no easements or environmental constraints that could compromise the project, before providing you with long-term solutions.

When negotiating and drawing up preliminary agreements, we pay particular attention to the drafting of the condition’s precedent, which determine the completion of the project.

Our teams advise builders and developers on setting up construction programs by:

  • taking part in working groups with other advisers (architects, developers, land surveyors, lawyers, technical advisers, etc.)
  • managing land division issues,
  • advising them on the legal arrangements best suited to the project (schemes governed by urban planning and development law, co-ownership law or the creation of intricate building complexes),

Upon completion of the project, we assist you with the negotiation and drafting of bulk sales to social housing operators or institutional investors.

As regards sales to private individuals, our dedicated team puts together the documentation, takes care of reporting to the sales teams and signs the sales within controlled timeframes. A dedicated platform is also provided to our clients, enabling them to monitor the marketing of the transaction in real time.

Our teams handle the drafting of all the relevant deeds: reservation contracts, sales in future state of completion, real estate development contracts, transfers of building rights, division into units in the social and intermediary sectors, specifications, creation of easements, articles of association of management associations, co-ownership regulations, descriptive statement of division into volumes, filing of documents, etc.

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